Your Real-ETA account

A user with one ETA line.

You can choose from several dozens of standard ETA lines, which are already precalculated for you.

Base price 49,00 Euro p.m.

Extra charges:

  • Each additional standard-ETA line49,00 Euro p.m.
  • plus AIS map view for German waters49,00 Euro p.m.
  • Each additional user49,00 Euro p.m.

Starting at 49,00 Euro.


Base price 49,00 Euro
(contains one Real-ETA user and one ETA line)
Extra charges / options
additional users 0,00 Euro
additional ETA lines 0,00 Euro
AIS map view 0,00 Euro
Gesamtpreis 49,00 Euro
pro Monat
Each option is instantly bookable and usable.
In the case of monthly payments, options can be terminated within one month.

Customized account

Do you have other requirements that are not covered by our standard packages?

For example:

  • You want your own individual ETA lines?
  • You want to freely define these lines yourself?
  • You need the ETA information as a data stream for your own information system?

The possibilities are endless - please contact us!

Price on request.